Do you want to begin reinforcing and building upon your understanding of the Word of God?

These online course offerings extend the outreach of our in-house training programs to equip digital members of the church and connect them to established teachers in the local body.

Current Schedule

Laying a Kingdom Foundation (free)

 Fall Semester 2023
September 10th - November 12th
Wednesdays at the church at 6:30p

This course involves pre-recorded content and weekly content with the instructors. 


Instructor: Cecila Ybarra 

Prophetic Training Course

Fall Semester 2023

Sept. 12th - November 14th
Tuesdays at 6:30p

Intercessors Arise 1.0 (free)

Click on the course below and enjoy now! This course is always open and available to you. In-person courses are 10 weeks, but you can now enjoy the online course at your leisure.

We highly recommend attending here at the church if you can for the activations and training. *In-person semester is not currently scheduled.


Instructor: Becky Day, Domonique White, Gussi Ashley

Intercessors Arise 2.0 (free)

This course is a hybrid of online and in-person attendance and only offered during specific times. *Semester is not currently scheduled


Instructor: Becky Day, Domonique White, Gussi Ashley